A file system is simply a method for storing and organizing computer files to make it easy to find and access them.

In Veritas File System (VxFS) journaling, metadata changes are first written to a log then to disk. In VxFS metadata is written asynchronously which makes it faster as changes are not stored in multiple places.

VxFS is designed for use in operating environments (especally UNIX) that require high performance, availability, and deals with large amounts of data.

VxFS has following features:

  • Extent-based allocation
  • Extent attributes
  • Fast file system recovery
  • Extended mount options
  • Enhanced data integrity modes
  • Enhanced performance mode
  • Modes of temporary file systems
  • Improved synchronous writes
  • Large files and file systems support
  • Access control lists (ACLs)
  • Storage Checkpoints
  • Online backup
  • Quotas
  • Cluster File System
  • Improved database performance
  • Cross-platform data sharing
  • File Change Log
  • Multi-volume support
  • Dynamic Storage Tiering

Creating File System

mkfs command is used to create VxFS file system

Create Command

mkfs   [-F vxfs] [ generic_option] [-o special_option] device [size]


generic_option Options common to other filesystem types
special_option Options specific to VxFS filesystem
device disk device or Veritas volume
size the size in sectors

File System Information

Information of System mount -v
mount -p

Identify File System

Identify Filesytem fstyp -v ≪ special device Path ≫

Re-Size File System

Re-Size Filesytem /usr/lib/vxfs/fsadm -b ≪New Size≫ ≪Volume≫

Reorganize File System

Report on extent fragmentation /usr/lib/fs/vxfs/fsadm -E ≪Volume≫
Report on directory fragmentation /usr/lib/fs/vxfs/fsadm -D ≪Volume≫
Reorganise extents /usr/lib/fs/vxfs/fsadm -e ≪Volume≫
Reorganise directories /usr/lib/fs/vxfs/fsadm -d ≪Volume≫


Turn on a quota for a filesystem (make sure filesystem has been mounted with quota option) vxquotaon ≪mount_point≫
To setup a users quota vxedquota ≪username≫
To view a users quota vxquota -v ≪username≫
To turn off quota on a filesystem vxquotaoff ≪mount_point≫

Intent Log

Create fsadm -F vxfs -o log=size,logdevice=≪device≫

VxFS Consistency

Full check fsck -F vxfs -o full,nolog ≪volume≫

Unmount File System

Unmount umount ≪special_device | mount_point≫