Speed Conversion

Speed Conversion




In Physics Velocity/speed is defined as “rate at which object is covering a distance”.

Major difference between speed and velocity is

Speed is a scalar quantity as it does not have any direction. For example: Speed of a moving car without it’s direction.

On the other hand, velocity represents the rate of change in postion of a object. For example: If car is travelling from point A to point B and then returning back to point A. Overall change in postion is zero, hence the Velocity of the car is zero.

Velocity is a vector quantity i.e. velcoity always has a direction.

S.I Unit of Velocity/speed is meter/sec.


Meter per second square to kilometer per hour

Ratio between Meter per second square and kilometer per hour is given below

1 m/s = 3.6 Km/hr

For example:

What is value of speed in km/hr, when car is moving at speed of 100 m/s?

Speed in km/hr = 3.6 * 100 (m/s) i.e. 360 km/hr

In the similar fashion kilometer per hour can be converted into Meter per second. Ratio between kilometer per hour and Meter per second is :

1 km/hr = 0.277777778 m/s


Square kilometer per hour to mile per hour

Ratio between km/hr and mile/hr is given below

1 km/hr = 0.6213711927193192 mile/hr

For example:

What is value of speed in mi/hr, when car is moving at speed of 100 km/hr?

Speed in mi/hr = 0.6213711927193192 * 100 (km/hr) i.e. 62.13711927193192 mi/hr

Conversion Table: Speed Conversion Table