Power Conversion

Power Conversion




In Physics power is the defined as the work done over the period of time. In other words power can also be describes as the amount of energy consumed in a given unit of time.

Power is categories into:

  • Electric Power: is defined as the rate of energy consumption in an electrical circuit.
  • Mechanical Power: is the product of torque generated by the motor and the angular velocity of its output shaft.
  • Physical concept of power: is defined as rate of doing work

Power is a scalar quantity i.e it is a one dimensional quantity with no direction.


Watts to Kilogram-Watts

Ratio between Watts and Kilogram-Watts is given below

1 Watts = 0.001 Kilogram-Watts

For example:

Convert 600 Watts to Kilogram-Watts?

P(W) = 0.001 * 600 P(kW) i.e. 0.6 P(kW)

In the similar fashion Kilogram-Watts can be converted into Newton. Ratio between Kilogram-Watts and Watts is :

1 Kilogram-Watts = 1000 Watts


Watts to Decible milliwatts

Formula to convert watts to decible milliwatts is

P(dBm) = 10 * log10( P(W) / 1W) + 30

For example:

Convert 10 watts to decible milliwatts?

P(dbm) = 10 * log10( 10 * P(W) / 1W) + 30 i.e. 40.00000000000001 P(dbm)


Watts to Decible watts

Formula to convert watts to decible watts is

P(dBW) = 10 * log10( P(W) / 1W)

For example:

Convert 10 watts to decible watts?

P(dbW) = 10 * log10( 10 * P(W) / 1W) i.e. 10.00000000000002 P(dbW)

Conversion Table: Power Conversion Table