Energy Conversion

Energy Conversion




The ability to perform work in known as Energy. Energy has the ability to transform from one Energy transformation is required for everything i.e. the operations we perform in our day to day life.


When you push an object across the table, the energy from your moving arm is transferred from your body to the object, causing the object to move.

Some Energy Conversions daily used:

Alarm Clock Electrical Energy Light Energy and Sound Energy
Battery Chemical Energy Electrical Energy
Light Bulb Chemical Energy Light Energy and Thermal Energy


Joules to Calories (Mean)

Ratio between Joules and Calories is given below

1 Joules = 0.238663 Calories

For example:

Convert 600 Joules to Calories?

E(cal) = 0.238663 * 600 E(J) i.e.143.198 E(cal)

In the similar fashion Calories can be converted into Joules. Ratio between Calories and Joules is :

1 Calories = 4.19Joules


Joules to Watt-hour

Ratio between Joules and Watt-hour is given below

1 Joules = 0.0002777778 Watt-hour

For example:

Convert 600 Joules to Watt-hour?

E(Wh) = 0.0002777778 * 600 E(J) i.e.0.1666666 E(Wh)

Conversion Table: Energy Conversion Table