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Velocity is a vector quantity that refers to the rate at which an object changes its position. The direction of the velocity vector is simply the same as the direction that an object is moving. If an object is moving rightwards, then its velocity is described as being rightwards. If an object is moving downwards, then its velocity is described as being downwards

Major difference between speed and velocity is that speed is a scalar quantity as it does not have any direction. For example: Speed of a moving car without it’s direction.

On the other hand, velocity represents the rate of change in postion of a object. For example: If car is travelling from point A to point B and then returning back to point A. Overall change in postion is zero, hence the Velocity of the car is zero.


Formula used to calculate the velocity of an object moving in a straight line is:

Velocity(m/s)[v] = Distance(m)[d] / time(s)[t]


Sophie Car traveled a total distance of 450 metres. Her trip took 5 hours. What was her velocity?

Sol. :

v = d / t

v = 450(m) / 5(s)

v = 90 m/s


The standard unit of measurement for Velocity is the meter/sec

Below is the conversion chart of various other units of Velocity/Speed