Momentum Calculator

Momentum Calculator




When an object is in motion, it is said to have momentum. When you throw a ball at someone, it hurts. This is because of the momentum stored in the ball due to its motion. Momentum is a vector quantity. Its direction is same as that of the motion of the object, i.e., the direction of velocity. If an object in motion is in an undisturbed environment, e.g., vacuum, its momentum remains conserved.


Equation to measure/calculate the momentum of an object is as follows:

Momentum(kg*m/s)[p] = Mass(kg)[m] * Velocity(m/s)[v]

For Example:

Ques: Suppose a truck weighing 250 kg is moving towards North at a speed of 15 m/s. Then, what is the momentum of the truck?

Sol. :

P = 250(kg) * 15(m/s) = 3750(kg*m/s) towards North.


The standard unit of momentum is kg m/s. (S.I. unit of mass -> kg, S.I. Unit of velocity-> m/s)