Centrifugal Force Calculator

Centrifugal Force Calculator


Centrifugal force


A force that causes an object moving in a circular path to move out and away from the center of its path. In other words, the apparent force that is felt by an object moving in a curved path that acts outwardly away from the center of rotation.

Centrifugal force refers to the force that tends to pull a particle or an object toward the axis around which it rotates. The centrifugal force is a ficticious force that only exists in the rotating reference frame.

E.g. – the force acting on a rotating DVD


Formula used for Centrifugal force calculation is:

Centrifugal Force(N)[F] = Mass(Kg)[m] * Velocity2(m/s2)[v] / Radius(m)[r]


A 1500kg car whose speed is 10 m/s rounds a turn who radius is 30m. What is the Centerifugal force on the car ?

Sol. :

f = m * v2 / r

f = 1500(kg) * 102(m/s2) / 30

f = 1500 * 100 / 30

f = 5000 N


The standard unit of measurement for Centrifugal Force is Newton i.e. (Kgm/s2)

Below is the conversion chart of various other units of Force