Hemisphere Calculator

Hemisphere Calculator

Total Surface Area
Curved Surface Area


Hemisphere is a three dimensional (3D) geometrical shape that is like a round ball cut exactly in half. Geometrically, it is a shape which has infinite points at a distance r (radius) from a point. Variuos features of a hemisphere are as below:

  • Radius: is the distance from the centgre of the sphere to the edge of the sphere.
  • Diameter: is the longest straight line that can be drawn from one point on the surface of to sphere to another point on the sphere. It passes though the center of the sphere.


Total Surface AreaThis is calculated by the formula: 3 * π * Radius²

Curved Surface AreaThis is calculated by the formula: 2 * π * Radius²

VolumeThis is calculated by the formula: 2/3 * π * Radius³

DiameterDiameter is twice the radius of the circle and hence: 2* Radius

π (Pi)This is the ratio of Circumference of the circle to the Diameter of the circle. This is usually represented by the symbol π and has a value of 3.14159…

Units: Measurement units

Meter (m)is the base unit of length in the International System of Units (SI). Metre is defined as the distance travelled by light in a specific fraction (1299 792 458) of a second.

Other SI units: are millimeter (mm) ie 1/1000 of m, centimeter (cm) which is 1/100 of m and kilometer (km) which is equal to 1000m.

Other English units of measure of distance are
Mile: An English unit of length, it is equal to 1609 meters (m).
Yard: It is equal to 0.9144 meters (m).
Foot: It is equal to 0.3048 meters (m).